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Grace Oppong Dolphy

Grace Oppong Dolphy


Phone Number: 0244-746864 Email Address: Organisation: AG. Dept.

Mrs. Grace Oppong Dolphy is a legal practitioner and a Principal State Attorney at the Office of the Attorney-General, Ghana. She has over twelve (12) years of legal practice in the public sector which has enabled her garner a lot of experience. Mrs Dolphy has a Master of Law(LLM) in Oil and Law and works in the Energy Division at the Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Justice. Through both local and international training programmes, Mrs Dolphy has acquired a wealth of knowledge on her area of practice.

She has well developed interpersonal skills which is a great asset to her in her  professional relationship with her superiors and subordinates alike. Pupils, interns and national service personnel who have worked with her and moved on to other prospects are still in touch with her due to the immense contribution and impact she has made on them.

She is self-motivated, adaptable and has an excellent eye for detail. She also has problem solving skills which has made her the “go-to” person in her office—both superiors and subordinates never hesitate to seek her opinion and suggestions on issues.

In addition to the above, she is an affable, bubbly individual who believes every individual has an appreciable level of potential which needs to be nurtured to bloom and yield the desired results in any given situation and  this is what drives her in  both professional and private encounters with people.

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